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Vocal Skype Lessons 

First Aid for vocalists 

 Exercises for finding your voice back:  performing singers on tour  

Vocal Problems on Tour

Do you experience hoarseness? 

Did you loose high notes and/or control over high pitches? 

Don't wait too long, find out what's going on today!

Vocal Skype Session: First Aid

I work with a first aid program from Complete Vocal Technique and have a lot of experience working with voice problems, using voice technique correctly and building confidence on stage.

All styles / genres

All genres are welcome: Rock, pop, soul, jazz, reggae, ska, hiphop, singer/songwriter, folk, metal, voice-overs, musical, stoner, doom, hardrock.. You name it, as long as you use your voice. Even though the sounds are different, the mechanism of the voice is the same. You can use CVT for any sound you choose artistically. 


Discretion is important. I will never mention anything about you or your Skype Session in public without your permission. 

Vocal Skype Lessons: Vocal Effects

If you work with effects like growl, distortion or creaking and wish to perform in a (more) healthy way, book an appointment call on Skype or Facetime. Please note that ALL sounds CAN be done in a healthy way. You can find more about the results of the research on effects here.

Contact me for a Skype Session

Please let me know what you want to work on and when you want to do the Vocal Skype Session. For urgent calls: Please use Whatsapp at +316 4139 1916

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