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First Aid Skype Session 

First Aid

for singers on tour 


Do you experience hoarseness? 

Did you recently loose high notes and/or control over high pitches? 

Don't wait too long, find out what's going on today!

Vocal Skype Session: First Aid

I have worked with many singers experiencing voice problems. In the sessions, I use the first aid program from Complete Vocal Technique as an inspiration for helping you find a healthy singing technique, a clearer sound and more confidence.

All styles / genres

All genres are welcome: Rock, pop, soul, jazz, reggae, ska, hiphop, singer/songwriter, folk, metal, voice-overs, musical, stoner, doom, hardrock..

Even though the sounds are different, the mechanism of the voice is the same. You can use CVT for any sound you choose artistically. 


Discretion is important. I will never mention anything about you or your Skype Session in public without your permission. 

Vocal Skype Lessons: Vocal Effects

If you work with effects like growl, distortion or creaking and wish to perform in a (more) healthy way, book an appointment call on Skype or Facetime. Please note that ALL sounds CAN be done in a healthy way. You can find more about the results of the research on effects here.

Contact me for a Skype Session

Please let me know what you want to work on and when you want to do the Vocal Skype Session. For urgent calls: Please use Whatsapp at +316 4139 1916

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